Conjure Oil FAQS

Here we will discuss how to USE your Intentions with Whitney Conjure Oils aka Manifestation Oils. A little background- Your oil was handcrafted with intention and love; surely, we can’t forget to mention that we’ve added only the finest herbs and oils to help you manifest your desires. The purpose of our Conjure Oil is to bring power through the usage of herbs and oils to aid in your manifesting process.
-Set clear intentions prior to using this oil. Know exactly what you want to manifest, and see come into your life. Using the oil comes in many options, so feel free to choose which option speaks to you.
-Place into an oil diffuser
-Fix/ Dress your candles and other spiritual tools
-Add it to your bath water, a few drops will be just right.
-Place on materials and household objects (wallet and front door for example)
-Place the oil on your body. You can place it on your hands, feet, third eye or chakras.
Small amounts are required, nothing more. These oils are extremely powerful and effective in getting results, a little truly does go a long way! 
When using on skin always test a small area to ensure there are no allergic reactions.
With regular usage and clear intention, you should begin to see results rather quickly. Be mindful, you are the magick. Our amazing Conjure Oils have been enchanted, blessed, and packed with a powerful blend of herbs, oils and resins, yet it is STILL up to YOU to create the change you desire. With focus and proper usage change can and will occur.
Body- You could anoint your body with Sex Magick Oil to enjoy a fun evening with your partner. Another example is you could Crown of Success Oil to the palms of your hands before a job interview for success.
Materials- To attract money into your life, you could use your Money Drawing Oil and place it on the four corners of your wallet. Another option is to use your Better Business Oil on a green or gold candle to bring abundance and favor into the business.
Spiritual Work- You could place a few drops of your Healing Oil in your spiritual bath to promote healing and rejuvenation. You could also use Third Eye Oil for meditation, divination, or spellcasting.